Our Passion

About Us

Our Mission

The G3 Foundation is an international non-profit organization dedicated to treating dental disease within indigent populations.  The foundations' primary focus nation is the Dominican Republic.

Our History

The G3 Foundation was established in 2004 by Dr. Len Aste and Dr. Ganon Rowan.  Over the past 15+ years, Dr. Aste and Dr. Rowan have led groups of 50 or more dentists, dental students, and dental auxiliaries on a biannual humanitarian effort to the Dominican Republic.  Tens of thousands of individuals have been treated as a result of this effort. 

What We Do


Provide International Care

The G3 Foundation aims to provide quality dental care and basic medical services to areas of the world where access to this care is limited or unavailable.  The foundation has provided free services to people in the United States, Africa, Bulgaria, Samoa, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.  More than 30 trips have been successfully completed to date.  Trips to the Dominican Republic have taken place biannually since the year 2000.  Over that period of time, over 10,000 have been provided with care.  

Provide Humanitarian and Cultural Experiences

Since the creation of the G3 Foundation, more than 800 individuals have participated in various trips.  We believe that those giving charity can benefit just as much as those receiving care.  Through these experiences, our volunteers have gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of serving those in need.  We hope that by exposing dental students to humanitarian work at the onset of their careers, they will go forth as practicing clinicians with a recognition of the importance of service.  These students are working hard to develop specialized skills and talents, and we hope to instill in them a desire to use those skills and talents to bless the lives of others. 


Provide Clinical Learning Opportunities for Students

A unique aspect of the G3 Foundation is that the majority of the hands-on care is provided by students.  Two times a year, 15-20 third and fourth year dental students from various institutions participate in these week-long service trips.  The students are able to receive one-on-one instruction and guidance from volunteer, licensed dentists.  The amount of clinical work the students do in one week is often comparable to what they would accomplish over several months at their school.  Having a large supply of patients and a healthy ratio of doctors to students facilitates this level of experience.